• Disable Yahoo Account key In Few Steps

    Yahoo is well-known to offer the best email services. Yahoo has a huge fan base across the globe. It is the best email platform which has something for everyone. It is also updating its features list and the latest addition is account key. It allows users to access their account with one tap. It is safer and secure way rather than using the same old password. Yahoo sends a notification to your preferred cell phone. You can approve access with a tap on your telephone, so nobody else can get into your record.

    However, if you're using dual devices and Yahoo applications, you can select where the notification is sent. Moreover, you can turn off or disable the Account Key and turn back to a password, if you want. For expert help dial Yahoo support phone number. Here below are the simple steps to disable Yahoo account key.

    Manage Account Key from a web browser

    • Navigate the Yahoo Account security page.
    • From their tap on "Yahoo Account Key” and click Manage.
    • Now move your mouse to the right of any device you want to turn on or off.
    • Tap Disable Account Key at the down of the screen to go back to the password method.

    Disable Account Key from a Yahoo mobile app

    • Open the Account Key enabled app
    • Click on Menu icon Image
    • Click on the Account Key Image
    • Click Manage Account Key.
    • Tap to the right of any device you want to turn on or off.
    • Now tap Disable Account Key to switch back to a password.

    If you face any issue while following the above steps dial Yahoo email support number for instant help.

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  • How to fix Yahoo Account Key Code Receiving Issues

    Yahoo account key is required when you want to change your account info and you have to enter the code received on your mobile number or email address to be able to do that. If you are a Yahoo account user and are facing issues while receiving Yahoo Account Key code then there are simple steps using which you can correct this problem. Also, you can contact at the Yahoo chat support if you want to talk directly to the tech experts about this issue.

    This issue occurs when you need an account key to access your Yahoo account but are not able to receive it then follow the steps mentioned below:

    • If you didn’t receive an account key code within 5 minutes of sending a request then tap on Resend SMS.
    • Make sure you are entering only a mobile number as account key will be sent through a text message. In this case, no landline number will work and entering your landline number will not provide you with an account key.
    • Make sure you have entered the correct email address or the mobile number otherwise the account key will be sent to the incorrect contact and you will not receive any code.
    • Make sure your device and the carrier are supported ones and there is no issue with them as due to them also you might not receive the account key for Yahoo account.
    • Also, make sure your email address hasn’t been deleted or the email has not landed in your spam folder. Also, Yahoo should not be blocked by your ISP.

    It is also important to use the account key as soon as you receive it otherwise it will become invalid if not used within the time limit. If you will try to log in from a different device then also you will need a new account code as the code gets expired after some time.

    If you need any further help for the same matter then you can call at the Yahoo Customer Care Number anytime and our technicians will definitely help you. Our technicians are certified and well trained in resolving all sorts of Yahoo issues. Expert help will be provided by the tech department and there will be no issue left unsolved. Also, the tech support facility is available throughout the year.

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